vegas bus
vegas bus
Strategy Designer, Technical Advisor + Peer Reviewer


With more than 15 years of consulting experience, and a further seven years in the non-profit sector, Adam has supported government and private sector clients to advance their sustainable built environment projects from many perspectives.


Adam matches his skills to the needs of a project, whether it be as technical advisor, strategy developer or peer reviewer.


Adam supports many 'upstream' processes that shape the approach of a project - bid preparation, stakeholder collaboration, governance models, the application of rating tools and frameworks and implementation arrangements.


Adam's approach is collaborative, strategic and focused on implementation and results.

Resource Developer


For the past 10 years Adam has designed, developed and managed some of the world's most successful resources that have helped shape sustainable communities.


Proprietary sustainability appraisal systems, market-based rating tools and integrated platforms for project implementation are just some of the tools and resources Adam has taken to market.


Adam has assembled and facilitated advisory committees across the world, engaged them creatively and attained their support to ensure resources are successfully implemented.


Toolkits, guidelines, assessment frameworks, technical notes and case studies are but some of the regular resources Adam is asked to design and develop.

Facilitator + Trainer


Adam designs and facilitates workshops across a range of core technical areas critical to the success of urban regeneration. This includes topics such as collaborative governance, sustainability assessment, green infrastructure, smart cities and urban design.


Adam's workshops are consistently reviewed as being creative, highly engaging and fun - resulting in measurable outcomes, clear pathways and frameworks for success.


Adam has designed and facilitated more than 300 training courses and workshops.


Adam is also regularly asked to facilitate committee's, complex meetings requireing a third party and stakeholder groups needing guidance and support in advancing projects.